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AboutENOC Link
ENOC Link, a fully owned subsidiary of ENOC Group, provides digital and on-demand petrol delivery services to valued clients in both the public and private sectors, offering high-quality petrol products and services as well as diesel delivery. Given ENOC’s extensive supply chain and 30+ years of expertise in the UAE, ENOC Link provides industry-leading petrol delivery services directly to clients’ facilities and assets.
Founded in 2019, ENOC Link aims to provide smart and efficient petrol delivery solutions across the UAE. Our three-fold strategy includes being mobile, with 24/7 petrol and diesel delivery services. Additionally, we prioritize being digital, incorporating RFID tags to prevent fraud, and ensuring end-to-end fuelling with 100% transparency. Sustainability is a key focus, as we aim to offer greener fuels such as BioDiesel, Adblue, and Diesel. We are committed to decreasing our carbon footprint through an improved supply chain and reduced CO2 emissions.