Fuel delivery your business can trust

ENOC quality fuel, delivered safely to your fleet and equipment anytime, anywhere.

Increase uptime

Always have the fuel you need, when and where you need it.

Maximise traceability

Complete fuel traceability from order to the machine or vehicle it is delivered to.

Optimise fuel consumption

Understand your fuel consumption patterns and spot any abnormalities.

Get reliable fuel supply with first-class safety and service

Guaranteed on-time delivery

Continuous supply from Dubai’s biggest terminals, delivered without delay by highly trained staff.

Automated, fraud-free solution

Certified smart fueling meter ensures tracebility through automated receipts for each refill, free from tampering, bypass or air fill.

Take control of your fuel consumption and spending

Monitor and manage consumption

Track fuel consumption by site, vehicle, and machine with fuel analytics, enhance transparency for procurement, site fuel planning and ordering.

Flexible payment options

Choose the payment option that works for your business, whether it's post-pay, prepay or pay per order.

Guarantee total security of your fuel supply with our Link Tags

Tamper-proof fuelling

Our tamper-proof RFID tags only release fuel to the assets you specify, ensuring your fuel only ever goes into your registered assets.

Faster fuelling operations

Link tags are read when inserting the fuel nozzle into a tank, allowing rapid identification and fuelling of your assets by our operators in any location.

*Installation fee applies

Our partners

Locations that are being serviced by ENOC Link fuel delivery

What our customers are saying...

“So far our experience with ENOC Link has been excellent and the team has been cheerful, cooperative and intelligent”

Sunil, Aquaplus, Dubai

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Our Team & Fleet

To minimize health and safety risks while fueling on-site, all delivery staff are fully trained to follow strict safety and fueling protocols.

Our fuel trucks are compliant with highest international safety standards including NFPA, ADR and UL.