Quality fuel delivered to your car, premises or fleet

Get ENOC Special 95, Super 98 and Diesel delivered direct to where you need it


Businesses with fleets of machines or vehicles

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Individuals who own motor vehicles

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Community developers

Management of Villa Communities

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Premises managers

Employers and management of commercial premises

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Convenient refueling

We deliver where and when you prefer, so you can spend more time doing things that matter.

Reliable service

Experience the same great service as ENOC stations, we take our promises seriously.

Safety first

Fully trained and certified fueling staff and equipment to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

What our customers are saying...

“I’m always impressed by the professionalism of the attendants”

Ahmed, Dubai

“It’s great! Saves me a 45min trip for petrol, you just bring it to me when I need it”

Tamara, Dubai

“A few of clicks on the ENOC Link app and my fuel delivery was booked”

Micaela, Dubai

Our Team & Fleet

To minimize health and safety risks while fueling on-site, all delivery staff are fully trained to follow strict safety and fueling protocols.

Our fuel trucks are compliant with highest international safety standards including NFPA, ADR and UL.


What is ENOC Link?

ENOC Link is a digital fuel delivery service for private car owners, community developers, premises managers, and businesses. ENOC Link provides quality petrol and diesel across the region, delivered direct to vehicle or machine.

Who is behind it?

ENOC Link was set up by ENOC in 2019 as part of the NEXT incubator. It is a response to the changing needs of consumers and business in the region in relation to fuel services, and part of ENOC’s drive for new innovation-focused businesses. ENOC Link is wholly owned by ENOC.

For enquiries about ENOC Next or the NEXT ventures please contact media@enoc.com

Who do you serve?

ENOC Link serves private car owners, working in partnership with community developers and premises managers, as well as business customers in logistics, transportation and construction industries across the region. We deliver the same quality fuels as the ENOC retail stations including Special 95, Super 98 and Diesel.

If you would like us to serve you, your business, or partner with us to serve your residents/visitors, please contact orderlink@enoc.com or call 800-ENOCLINK to speak to one of our representatives.

What fuel do you deliver?

We can deliver ENOC quality Special 95, Super 98 and Diesel to consumers and business across the region. All fuels are delivered at pump price.

What platforms are you on?

ENOC Link has a mobile app for private car owners to book fuel and pay online on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For business customers, we provide a fuel analytics suite available through a web browser.

Is it safe to deliver fuel?

Safety is our highest priority. Following ENOC exceptional safety record, we have ensured every aspect of ENOC Link considers the safety of customers, operators and communities. Our operators are fully trained and delivery equipment certified to the highest levels in the region.

Our operators follow safety-first protocols designed from the experience of running ENOC’s petrol stations and regional operations, and are regularly assessed on health and safety best practice when handling petrol and diesel fuel.

If you have noticed unsafe behaviour or have worries about the safety of fuel delivery, email support@enoclink.ae or call 800-ENOCLINK with details of your issue.

Where are you allowed and not allowed to deliver fuel?

We can deliver petrol directly to your vehicle in open air parking lots, and we can also provide diesel in a range of light and heavy industrial environments. We are restricted from providing any petrol fueling services in enclosed, underground or multi-story car parks, and on public roads in Dubai.

If you have noticed unsafe behaviour or have worries about the safety of fuel delivery, email support@enoclink.ae or call 800-ENOCLINK with details of your issue.

Still have questions? Email support@enoclink.ae or call 800-ENOCLINK for more information.